Summer Bucket List

Good afternoon, I am going to make this a 2 parter for a couple of reasons. Mostly because my youngest is banging on his door trying to get out of a nap. My darling husband thought it would be a good idea to convert his crib, but its just making naptime a nightmare for me!

So this will be the fun list! My kids are still pretty young (3 and 19 months) so when I asked the oldest, B, what he wanted to do this summer he simply said “go to the beach”. I like your style kid. I’m hoping that as they get older, and summer becomes more of a big deal, this will be a fun activity for us to do, and try to come up with a super fun list!

For now Mommy is in charge so here it goes;

Summer bucket list
; Summer bucket list

I think its all pretty doable! I will be sure to check in as we start to cross things off our list! later this week I will be back with my grown up boring list. more like things I need to get finished around the house.

Do you make a bucket list? What is one thing on your list?


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