It’s National Running Day!

Good afternoon!

So I had fully planned to add my grown-up boring summer bucket list today, but it has been one of those days! And since it is National Running Day, I thought it might be fun to reflect a bit on my running goals.

It started at 5 am, when my 19 month old, Mr. M, woke up climbed out of his newly converted toddler bed and decided to break out the IPad. My hubby and I awoke to the blasting of Star Wars! Since we were up, I decided to go ahead and put some miles in since it is a running holiday and all. It was hard, my head was not into it and I was pushing about 70lbs of boys in my Dualie!


For me the best way to get out on the road is to have a goal in place. I like to sign up for a couple races a year. My favorite distance by far is the Half Marathon. But  I am starting to find some love for the 15K as well! Ive done 4 marathons in my life and though I wont swear them off completely, it isnt a major goal of mine to complete another one.

So without further ado, in honor of National Running Day here are my running goals;

1. Sub 2:00 Half Marathon. I am so close! Hoping to do this in either October or January of next year

2. 1:20 15k. This would take some extra push, but I would really love to nail this!

3. 500 miles in   2015. This is not really a big deal. It’s the first time ive really kept track, I use runkeeper, and I think it would be fun to see  how many miles I can do.

So there you have it, my running goals! This will be a great way to hold myself accountable. Do you have any running goals? Or a favorite race distance?


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