It’s National Running Day!

Good afternoon!

So I had fully planned to add my grown-up boring summer bucket list today, but it has been one of those days! And since it is National Running Day, I thought it might be fun to reflect a bit on my running goals.

It started at 5 am, when my 19 month old, Mr. M, woke up climbed out of his newly converted toddler bed and decided to break out the IPad. My hubby and I awoke to the blasting of Star Wars! Since we were up, I decided to go ahead and put some miles in since it is a running holiday and all. It was hard, my head was not into it and I was pushing about 70lbs of boys in my Dualie!


For me the best way to get out on the road is to have a goal in place. I like to sign up for a couple races a year. My favorite distance by far is the Half Marathon. But  I am starting to find some love for the 15K as well! Ive done 4 marathons in my life and though I wont swear them off completely, it isnt a major goal of mine to complete another one.

So without further ado, in honor of National Running Day here are my running goals;

1. Sub 2:00 Half Marathon. I am so close! Hoping to do this in either October or January of next year

2. 1:20 15k. This would take some extra push, but I would really love to nail this!

3. 500 miles in   2015. This is not really a big deal. It’s the first time ive really kept track, I use runkeeper, and I think it would be fun to see  how many miles I can do.

So there you have it, my running goals! This will be a great way to hold myself accountable. Do you have any running goals? Or a favorite race distance?


Summer Bucket List

Good afternoon, I am going to make this a 2 parter for a couple of reasons. Mostly because my youngest is banging on his door trying to get out of a nap. My darling husband thought it would be a good idea to convert his crib, but its just making naptime a nightmare for me!

So this will be the fun list! My kids are still pretty young (3 and 19 months) so when I asked the oldest, B, what he wanted to do this summer he simply said “go to the beach”. I like your style kid. I’m hoping that as they get older, and summer becomes more of a big deal, this will be a fun activity for us to do, and try to come up with a super fun list!

For now Mommy is in charge so here it goes;

Summer bucket list
; Summer bucket list

I think its all pretty doable! I will be sure to check in as we start to cross things off our list! later this week I will be back with my grown up boring list. more like things I need to get finished around the house.

Do you make a bucket list? What is one thing on your list?

Hello world!

Welcome to Mommy Tooted! A place where I hope to “scrapbook” the many adventures of being a mom, trying to raise a healthy family, and having some fun along the way. I am brand new to this so please be patient!

Look forward to my goals for June and our family summer bucket list!

What is one thing you hope to do this summer?